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The advantages of safeTrack Vertec systems at a glance

Our single-axis azimuth tracking systems, which follow the path of the  sun, deliver up to 30% more yield and are among the most stable, low-maintenance photovoltaic trackers on the market.

alkaSOL PV-park TSS - 7,56 MWp
alkaSOL PV-park TSS - 7,56 MWp

With a combination  of precise controls for an optimum angle of incidence and best possible shading characteristics thanks to their low space requirements, IdeemaTec  trackers offer optimum solar yields. In a diversity of tests and on  numerous installations, the relatively lightweight and easy-to-install  safeTrack Vertec systems have already proved that they can cope with even the  toughest of conditions.

gear box SafeTrack - Vertec
gear box SafeTrack - Vertec

GEAR BOX  -  already more than 33.000 units in operation

For its tracking systems IdeemaTec only uses rugged, durable and above all low-maintenance twin screw gearboxes and drive units with outstanding track records in industrial applications. This means you can count on reliable, trouble-free tracking even with high wind and snow loads

Ieteematec vertical tracking   -   safeTrack Vertec
Ieteematec vertical tracking - safeTrack Vertec


Sturdy, corrosion-resistant and completely recyclable – the tracking systems are made entirely of hot-galvanized steel and of aluminium for holding the photovoltaic modules. There is absolutely no welding involved in the production of Ideematec frame systems. All parts are delivered to the construction site dismantled and they are then screwed together on site. This means that the tracking systems are easy to transport, at low cost, which saves you time and money.

Ideematec Vertec, installed on Panasonic / Sanyo`s world-largest park with tracking system 2011  -   1.790 trackers
Ideematec Vertec, installed on Panasonic / Sanyo`s world-largest park with tracking system 2011 - 1.790 trackers


Photovoltaic trackers from IdeemaTec can be installed on all types of soil. Whether it be sand, loam or even rock, on the flat or in mountainous regions – safeTrack tracking systems can be cost-effectively adapted to the specific circumstances of every project. Here Ideematec favors the use of concrete piled and driven foundations which save on materials. Base foundations are also no problem as special-purpose solutions. Foundation tubes can be modified on the basis of geological reports and pile tests and extraction tests. You can therefore be sure that Ideematec tracking systems always offer extreme stability wherever they are.

Vertec  -  PANEL AREA

Tracking systems from IdeemaTec are designed for panel areas of up to 25 m² or 38 m². The shape of the module rack can be modified to allow optimum utilization of the available area with no loss of resistance to wind loads of 150 km/h (90 mph). This is ensured by the preparation of the module plans by IdeemaTec.
In addition to optimization of the installed output, the topography can also be taken into account so that there is always sufficient ground clearance in spite of the low height of the IdeemaTec tracker.

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