montavent - the perfect roof solution

Probably the fastest mounting system for metal and flat roofs

montavent installation systems associate innovation with security and ease with longevity.
Short profile beams with blind rivets that form three legged footprints avoid conceptional mechanical stress due to temperature change. 
Blind rivets are durably leak-proof, which protects against roof damage and guarantees a reliable high quality installation.
Our small and handy system components facilitate storing, transport and installation to the maximum, which reduces your costs. Our custom-fit manufactured parts are installed without screws, just by setting them in, which reduces installation time and guarantees an accurate installation.  montavent  makes you and your installers the most rapid working installation team ever.
Take advantage of the Swiss branch leader for trapezoidal roofs. At home on trapezoidal roofs since 1999.
montavent conforms to DIN 1055-4 and is static is quality-audited, and a quality certificate is delivered for each installation.