the stationary SunBrush - perfect panel cleaning on roofs

automatic, computer controlled module cleaning

the stationary SunBrush
the stationary SunBrush

SunBrush offers a new panted panel cleaning system. The system recognizes precipitation and then operates computer controlled using rainwater.


In Germany for example the annual rainfall is about 1000 liters per m². Rain water is pure, soft and lime-free after the cleaning process it does not leave any residues on your panels. Thereby you can not only spare water, pumps and tanks, you also clean your panels without the need of chemicals. Hence our SunBrush stands for a fully automated 100% ecological cleaning system.


There are a lot of people neglecting the influence caused by pollution. As a matter of fact the amount of energy, gained by your photovoltaic plant, depends on the absorption capacity of your solar panels. Therefore keep your system clean to keep it running at maximum efficiency.


Thanks to the low costs and the high efficiency of our system, this investment is going to be paid off already after a few years. Besides in Germany the acquisition costs are fully deductible from taxes.


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