Fronius  -  inverters made in Austria

Symo  -  Maximum flexibility for the applications of tomorrow.

Fronius Symo

Boasting power categories ranging from 3.0 to 20.0 kW, the transformerless Fronius Symo is the three-phase inverter for systems of every size. The high system voltage, wide input voltage range and two MPP trackers ensure maximum flexibility in system design. The standard interface to the internet via WLAN or Ethernet and the ease of integration of third-party components make the Fronius Symo one of the most communicative inverters on the market

Working with inverter technology has never been as easy as it is with our new SnapINverter generation. The inverters impress with their thoroughly sophisticated design and interfaces and the integrated All-In-One communication package, which comes as standard.
This makes installation and commissioning, as well as operation and servicing, extremely efficient in terms of time and costs.
The technical aspects of the individual models are perfectly designed to meet the requirements of the PV systems of today and tomorrow. This guarantees maximum flexibility in system planning and means the SnapINverter generation can be used for all PV systems,  from single-family home systems up to large-scale PV installations

Fronius IG series - string inverters

Powerful string inverters have been a feature of the Fronius offering for many years. What began with the Fronius IG family has been successfully enhanced and developed with the Fronius IG Plus series. Depending on the required system size, individual inverters can be combined; their compatibility with all popular module technologies provides additional flexibility. Our proven string inverters from the Fronius IG series are of course still available. Detailed information about the Fronius IG Plus, Fronius IG and Fronius IG TL can be found on the following pages:

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