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prefabricated inverter & transformer container for 1 MW PV-section in Torre Santa Susanna

Power One  -  Aurora Station
Power One - Aurora Station

Aurora Station

External prefabricated cabins featuring Aurora inverter equipment inside tailored to customer specifications. Power-One’s turnkey solution allows large installation customers to select their power inverter solution to be custom-fitted into a prefabricated weather-sealed cabin to allow for simple and speedy installation in the field. There are many tailor-made options available for rated power between 440kW and 1320kW. The major benefit of this product is the high power-low space ratio and its ability to configure to specific customer requirements such as topology of grounding or multiple MPPTs. This product maximizes efficiencies and reliability by using the new Aurora Central inverters, mineral oil insulated MV transformers, and gas insulated MV switchgear. The modular format of the Aurora central inverters along with a unique easy-out, easy-in rack system allows for simple maintenance in all weather conditions. 

PVI 200.0TL - PVI 400.0TL
PVI 200.0TL - PVI 400.0TL

PVI-200.0-TL, PVI-267.0-TL, PVI-334.0-TL, PVI-400.0-TL 

New inverter system based on extractable modules of 67kW of Power. New inverter system based on extractable modules of 67kW of Power. Limited losses thanks to the output voltage increased to 380V. For a considerable reduction of the loss due to the mismatching phenomena, each module can be configured in multi-master for up to 6 independent MPPT, or in master slave with a single MPPT to improve the harvest of the energy in case of single failure. The inverter, without transformer, reaches 98% of peak efficiency. Inverter systems are delivered pre-configured and pre-tested, significantly reducing on-site wiring and testing operations.