LED solar street_light   -   alkaSOL SSL-series

solar street light - stand_alone- high-quality components

alkaSOL  SL-30 standard street light
alkaSOL SL-30 standard street light
  • high quality according to EU / international standards
  • statically precise elaborated construction, appealing design
  • hot-dip galvanized pole and solar module holders
  • use of maintenance-free and high quality electrical components
  • ventilation system included
  • weather protection for electrical components

alka SSL_HB series    -    small scale solar street light


Power system composed of:

solar modules. deep cycle batteries, controller to power one LED street_light,


The LED_ street_light uses solar_modules as energy source to charge the battery and iluminates your road automatically during night time. 


Setting of timer or light_sensor on the smart Controller

alka SSL_HY - series Solar Street Light include:

●  Solar Power - 1pc 100W 12V polycrystalline solar panel
●  Light source - 1pc 30W LED street light
●  Solar controller - 1pc 5A/12V controller
●  Energy Storage - 1pc 100AH sealed maintenance-free AGM gel deep cycled battery
●  Main pole (with power system) - 6m pole for solar panel installation and 1 lamp arm, 5m lamp height 

Recommended Application
●  Municipal Street, residential streets, country road, parking lots, landscape lighting, roundabouts, camp site, campus
●  Road width max.: 5 meters, lamp distance: 20 meters
●  Average Illuminance: 10-15 LUX depends on road width and lamp distance design

technical data`s - LED stand-alone street light


Operating voltage

          DC 24 V

24V System

  20,4  -  28,8 V

LED Power

  32 W

LED working current

  350 mA

PV panel power


2 x 190 Wp

 Power factor


> 0,90 

Mark of conformity


Protection grade


Environment temperature

  -25°C  to  +45°C

Central illumination

  > 25 lux ( 4m )

Average illumination

  > 18 lux ( 4m )

Pole height

   4 - 7 m

Recommended distance  rom pole to pole

  20  -  25m

Battery lifetime *

  1-600 cycles, >4 years

Battery backup time ** ( optional )

  6 days

* at 30% daily consumtion discharge

** at asummed values: global radiation 5,47 kWh/m2/d and 12 hours full load operation


Phono Solar - Solar street light
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