LED -  solar & wind street_light 

alkaSOL SL_HB series    -    hybrid solar & wind street light


system description

The alka-SSL_HB-series  -  hybrid street lighting is an intelligent, off-grid LED street lighting system.

The power system is composed of a wind turbine and solar modules, AGM deep cycled batteries and an solar controller to power the LED street-light. The alka-SSL_HB-series -   hybrid street light uses solar & wind as energy source and utilizes the energy for lillumination automatically during night by setting of timer or light sensor on the smart controller.

  • high quality according to EU / international standards statically
  • precise elaborated construction, appealing design
  • use of maintenance-free and high quality electrical components
  • weather protection for electrical components

system diagram

system specification:

  • our standard solutions are designed on base of effective 5 sunshine hours per day, and annual average wind speed 3-3.5m/s
  • our standard solutions are designed for battery backup for 3 consecutive rainy and cloudy days
  • our standard solutions are designed for 10 lighting hours, the lighting hours can be customized specific to costumer requirement and project site solar radiation level
  • the light pole and light source shape can be custom designed to fit better into landscape
  • above standard solutions for your reference only, for each specific project alkaSOL will design the complete system according to project location,solar resource condition and specific requirement about ground average LUX, illumination distribution, light color temperature etc.
  • for each project, a specific system proposal will be provided by alkaSOL, including detailed data and graphic diagrams

download   -  specification of street hybrid light sets

alka Solar Hybrid street lighting - samples
alka-SSL_HB sets 8_2015.pdf
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