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UPS units  -  uninterruptible power supply
UPS units - uninterruptible power supply

UPS  -  Uninterruptible Power Supply

On-linetechnology UPSsystems, single-phase and three-phase, from 1 up to 1.000 kVA, that provide continious and uninterruptible in a wide range of applications.

Aiming at  providing customized turn-key solutions, we offer a wide range of UPS systems, accompanied with adding value services that can cover your high demanding energy needs and guarantee the best techno-economic solution

Having as a goal to maximize the return on your energy investments and in parallel to minimize the total cost of ownership for acquiring and operating a UPS, we follow a customer-centric approach, driven by your business needs and expectations.

Key Market Segments

·         Power plants

·          Industries

·          Τelecommunications

·          Constructions

·          Hospitals

·          Hotels

·          Αirports

·          Infrastructure

·          Hybrid systems

·          Defence

We offer a premium range of UPS systems, based on our strategic partnerships with leading internationally established manufacturers.

Furthermore our company, capitalizing on the long lasting experience and expertise of its technical department - which specializes in the design and implementation of energy solutions, as well as on the facilities and infrastructure of our manufacturing plant, provides customized solutions covering every possible need.


Quality Features & Product Benefits

·          Low operational and maintenance costs

·          High performance and reliability

·          Smooth and safe operation

·          CE certification

·          Production process according to ISO 9001:2008


Technical Features


·          A power range from 1 up to 1000kVA

·          Low input harmonic distortion (THDi)

·          Digital control panel for easy access & operation

·          Capability of parallel operation

·          Ability to control/operate from distance


Product Range

Power Range (kVA)


1 - 10

  Single Phase Input - Output

10 - 120

  3-Phase Input - 1-Phase Output

10 - 1000

  3 Phase Input - 3-Phase Output


Added Value Services


·          Site survey

·          Optimum solution design

·          Installation

·          Training

·          Maintenance contracts

·          Τechnical support

·          Spare parts

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