TESVOLT energy storage


TESVOLT specializes in battery storage for commercial enterprises. We produce electricity storage with the most modern battery cells: prismatic lithium cells from Samsung SDI based on nickel-manganese-cobalt-oxide. The intelligent cell control is certified by TÜV Rheinland. TESVOLT storage systems operate with low voltage as well as high voltage and can be connected to all energy producers: sun, wind, water and cogeneration - on-grid as well as off-grid.



The TESVOLT industrial storage solutions are manufactured in the first Gigafactory for battery storage systems in Europe at Lutherstadt Wittenberg in Germany.

Peak load shaving - COST SAVING

load peaks occur in many companies that consume more energy at certain times than usual, for example:

  • Bakeries when the ovens start up at the same time in the morning
  • Car dealerships, where all of the new electric charging points are in use at once
  • Tool manufacturers that use welding equipment or other energy-intensive machinery
  • Dairy farmers that use a robotic milking system, and many more



These peaks drive electricity bills up significantly because electricity providers consider the consumption, which is used only briefly, as a precaution, durable – and since it is difficult to predict whether and when the next peak comes they increase the electricity bill for business and industries. One peak load can increase electricity bills for years, even if it occurs rarely.


Agricultural companies with their own solar or wind power systems benefit the most from investing in battery storage systems. This is because a lot of energy is often needed on farms when their own systems generate too little power. The electricity that has to be procured from the power grid, which costs at least 20 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh), is significantly more expensive than electricity from your own storage systems.

In addition, at certain times agricultural businesses need considerable energy, for which energy suppliers demand a lot. Here, too, storage helps to save costs.


This means that electricity storage systems usually pay for themselves after just a few years and enable considerable money to be saved.

use more of your produced energy

Without electricity storage systems, farmers often use only about 20 per cent of their self-generated electricity themselves. The rest is fed into the grid. Battery storage systems enable farms to use up to 80 per cent of their own regenerative electricity. In this way they save money with every kWh. This is because the price for procuring electricity from the grid usually costs at least 20 cents per kWh. With solar power and storage systems, however, the kWh costs only 15 cents, including the acquisition costs.


Anyone procuring less electricity from the grid is also less dependent on the energy supplier's rising electricity prices – and can better plan their costs.

save grid connection costs

The energy supplier frequently has to expand the grid transfer point to cope with the electricity volumes that the farm's photovoltaic system feeds into the grid.
The costs of, for e.g. the expansion the transformer can amount to 200,000 euros and are charged to the farmer by the energy supplier. If, on the other hand, the farm stores its self-generated electricity in a battery storage system, no expansion of the grid transfer point is necessary and the farm saves money.

Emergency power backup              secure - save

Power outages are a critical issue on farms.

It's essential that the ventilation, heating and cooling do not fail so that the animals and fresh products are not harmed or damaged. Anyone who safeguards their farms with emergency backup power from diesel generators will also have to accept the associated high fuel costs, noise and exhaust gases.


Battery storage systems from Tesvolt, on the other hand, will reliably and cost-effectively supply clean emergency power.

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