energy-mate  - the mobile energy storage solution

      mobile energy storage trolley
mobile energy storage trolley

  energy-mate - the Power Trolley

  • Ø 230 V /AC        whenever & wherever
  • Ø inverter    -           1.500 W - extreme powerful
  • Ø 12V/DC    -           always available
  • Ø 5 V/DC     -            for your Computer
    Ø battery     -            100 Ah - extendible
  • Ø solar module         60 Wp foldable ( up to 300 Wp possible)

  • Ø mobile trolley        pull-out handle and sturdy wheels for easy transport
  • Ø charge                    by Solar module or any 230V socket
  • Ø modern design 

energy-mate is the ideal mobile energy storage solution, your power supply for fishing trips, on hunting, for your weekend house, alpone hut, the best power solution to energize your mobile home or Caravan. Our power trolley also serves for jump start of your car - if needed.
energy-mate also serves as small emergency power supply in case of power cut. it will supply the heating System, electric doors, lighting & computer and alarm Systems. if needed, the battery capacity may be doubled by a additional, parallel conneced battery.

energy-mate - the mobile energy trolley - de
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