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ABOUT BYD   -   Who is BYD?

Founded in 1995 as a pioneer in battery technology, BYD’s mission is to change the world by creating a complete, clean-energy ecosystem that reduces the world’s reliance on petroleum. BYD’s innovative products are leaders in multiple sectors, including battery-electric automobiles, buses, medium- and heavy-duty trucks and forklifts; the SkyRail monorail system; solar power generation and energy storage systems.

t the heart of BYD’s technology is its batteries. One of the largest rechargeable battery manufacturers in the world, BYD develops batteries for a broad range of applications—from cell phones and laptops to large-scale, grid-connected energy storage systems. BYD’s non-toxic Iron-Phosphate battery chemistry makes it the safest choice available on the market today.

BYD has been the world’s largest electric vehicle manufacturer for the past three years running, in both consumer and commercial/industrial electric vehicles

Utility ess aPLICATIONS



  • New-energy generation:
  • Effectively smoothen the power output to decrease the impact to the grid
  • Generate according to the plan and correct forecast errors
  • Reduce the peak and fill the valley
  • Grid frequency modulation with AVC and AGC functions
  • Electricity of transmission and distribution
  • Smart Grid
  • Micro-grid
  • Reduce the peak and fill the valley
  • Special type needs:
  • Military Base, smelter, chemical plant, paper mill, airport, wharf and others


  • Wide-range of DC input voltage
  • 10% additional power for continuous operation at ambient temperature up to 40°C
  • Short conversion time of full power from charge to discharge
  • Indoor or outdoor installation
  • Low voltage ride through
  • Reactive power adjustable, max. reactive power up to 500kVar
  • Active Power derating
  • Film capacitor design



  • Battery Status Monitoring
  • Events record and storage function
  • Operation control
  • Insulation detection
  • Dynamic balancing management
  • Protection alarms
  • Communication




  • Controlling PCS and Battery stacks to work together
  • Providing local monitoring and control operation interface
  • Providing remote monitoring and control operation interface
  • Recording and storing important operation parameters as accidents and failure data


Commercial ess aPLICATIONS


The 40kW/40kWh ESS is a scalable modular lithium-ion battery storage solution. Batteries and control electronics are inserted in two standard 42U cabinets as plug-in units. The individual battery modules, solar chargers and PCS can be pulled out, inserted, and moved safely. The intelligent battery management system (BMS) monitors state of charge, voltage, and temperature of the individual battery modules, among others. The whole system can be operated automatically based on the internal intelligent program and enable the users to use more efficient and stable electricity.





  • Integrated all devices into standard 42U cabinets, operate automatically based on internal intelligent program.
  • Modular design, flexible for maintenance, installation and capacity extension.
  • Uses BYD long cycle life LiFePO4 battery, providing high performance and safety system.
  • Provides a continued power supply in the event of a main grid failure.
  • Effectively using solar and battery energy to protect yourself from electricity price rising.
  • Suited for remote areas where there is no main grid or areas where the grid is unstable.
  • PV smoothing function, helps to reduce the impact of instable solar.




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