In combination with a Solar panels, each kWh produced from the Solar installation will be fully used (100%) to supply the connected load and battery installation. Nothing of this green energy production will be injected in the local Grid. This is the only possibility to reduce the energy production coming from fossil or nuclear energy plants. Thus, reducing CO2 emissions




Each batterX® installation is a step in a greener future. In combination with Solar / Wind or any other green energy supplier, we can store the green energy production during a possible overproduction and use this green energy storage during an possible underproduction. All electric lines exist. No need to make new lines.




The batterX® UPS technology offer the best and highest possible protection level to avoid electrical problems. The connected batteries offer a backup protection time from many hours to multiple days during a power failure.





Producing own energy means creating a high independence against price increasing’s. The coming intelligent electrical counter will work with many different energy prices per kWh. With the batterX®, we are able to analyze the prices and choose the best price for the period where we must buy electrical energy.




More electrical cars means more energy request. The actual electrical grid is partly not adapted for this new demand of energy. The batterX® has the unique advantage to produce a huge energy request by a mix of different energy with PV+ batteries + Grid. This is manageable over the open source controller of the batterX® (simple internet connection).




Depending different parameters (Solar installation, type of batteries, price per kWh, UPS Power, country of installation, energy profile), the batterX® offer a possible ROI between 2-10 years.




Due to the open source technology, we can always update the batterX® to make the product better and more efficient. The batterX® can communicate with any other supplier offering open protocols solutions.

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